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Russia, with its natural resources, growing financial markets, government support for new investments and qualified workforce shall be in a strong and competitive position in next 10-20 years.  After reshaping of the world markets with recent crisis, Russia has maintained its stability and continues to development. The repercussions caused by changes economy to political system have been felt and passed. The civil laws and market economy have been established well, Russia opened to worldwide entrepreneurs being a WTO member.

Still being in the restructuring phase of the world market, the companies entered and located in Russia shall have attractive biz opportunities to expand their share in this fast growing market. Having closely available raw materials and favorable energy sources, Russia presents viable opportunities to enter combined by the need in energy, mining, metal, chemical and wood products industries.

We provide support in areas of the market research, company establishment, customs clearance, guidance, translation, juridical support, recruitment to the companies interested in Russia's market. Our aim is to provide continuous and reliable support to our clients for obtaining strong position under the competitive conditions of Russian market.

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